Was in a class earlier today where we watched a video about the rise of Chicano music. It was cool and all, but it was poorly made. Like worse than a 1980's PBS special. So, it got me thinking, what am I listening to right now. Well here it is:
  1. Prince - HITNRUN Phase One
    This one definitely flew under the radar for me. Came out in September, and I just picked it up last week. But this shit goes! I've had this shit on repeat, especially the song "1000 X's and O's". Too smooth Prince!
  2. Beach House - Depression Cherry
    I love Beach House. There's something about Victoria Legrand's voice that sends shivers down my spine and makes me want to cry (in a good way).
  3. Leon Brides - Coming Home
    I don't necessarily think he's the second coming of Otis Redding or Sam Cooke, he definitely gives me the same feeling when I do listen to them. Definitely gets the feelings out, and in a good way too.
  4. Jamie XX - In Colour
    This one is hit or miss for me sometimes. Depends on my mood and what I'm feeling, but at the same time, different songs fit at those time. It's hard to listen front to back, just my opinion, but all the songs are great. I mean, who the hell thought that a (Jamie XX x Young Thug x Popcaan) song would be a banger? "I'mma ride in that 😼 like a stroller." - probably top 3 one liners of 2015 for me.
  5. Frank Ocean
    I've been listening to his stuff a lot again recently. All of his stuff is a classic pretty much. But he needs to stop playing these games and release "Boys Don't Cry" already! Where you at Frank!?