If you hit my with one of these, just know that I'll be hating life for the next 24hours+ afterwards.
  1. "Did you hear about..."
    If I didn't hear about it, there's an 83% chance I don't care, and I'll just stand there nodding my head, wasting time, hating life. If I did hear, there's still an 83% chance I don't care, and do the exact same shit. Meh, sorry not sorry.
  2. (When I ask someone where/what they want to eat/drink) "I don't know, you choose."
    Fucking choose something! I'm the one asking you. Usually when I pick, I'll get all my ideas shut down, and then we're left in this limbo.
  3. "I heard it wasn't good."
    If you didn't play the game, watch the movie, listen to the song, etc, how the hell do you know? Oh you read a review or heard it through someone else that heard it from someone else? That's valid...
  4. "Take a picture of us."
    At work or out with my friends, I don't mind this at all. It's when people see me taking one picture while I'm minding my own business alone, or at a family gathering with all the old people there getting their Facebook post on, or when someone sees me with my camera, that's when it gets to be annoying.
  5. "We need to talk."
    This is the one that terrifies me. Shit gives me nightmares. I have no idea how this will play out, so I just think of all the worst thoughts in my head. Am I in trouble? Did I fuck something up in the lab? Did I say something that offended you (I still wouldn't care actually)? What are we about to talking about? Are there feelings involved (I hate talking about feelings)? Do you need something from me that I can't do? What is it? I don't like to talk!