It's long, but hopefully a good read for everyone that has seen 'Drinking Buddies' or is in the same position as this movie.
  1. Damn Olivia Wilde! Always looking fine.
  2. Holy shit! Anna Kendrick is in this too? Looking hell cute.
  3. Oh shit! It's Nick from 'New Girl'. Hey, the dude acts almost the same too!
  4. Awwwwwww, they're cute work buddies.
    Everyone needs those.
  5. Nice fixie Wilde. Needs different bars though. Hate those weird short looking bullhorns.
  6. ¿DAFUQ? Really Wilde? You're hooking up with this fuccboi?
  7. WHAT THE FUCK WILDE? This dude is a total FUCCBOI!
    In this scene, Wilde is trying to have sex with this dude. He stops her, says he got her something, and dude comes back with a fucking book... A BOOK! Who does that?!
  8. The whole awkward "let me introduce my bf to everyone" moment.
  9. Nooooooooo!!!!!! The fuccboi is a total fuccboi! Watch out Nick, he's trying to put the moves on Kendrick!
  10. Oh great, let's get two awkward couples and put them in a cabin together for a weekend. What could possibly go wrong!?
  11. Noooooooo!!! Watch out Kendrick! The creeper fuccboi is total going to rape you!
  12. What the fuckkkkk!!!!!! Why are you falling for that Kendrick!?!?!? He's a total FUCCBOI!!!!!!
  13. How can you live with yourself Anna Kendrick? After that? I don't think I can look at her the same anymore.
  14. That's right Nick! Be the good guy! Burn some shit! Make a fire!
  15. Ohhhhhhhh shit! Wilde, you're supposed to break up with the fuccboi! Not the other way around!
  16. This is weird...
  17. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!! How you going to get dumped by one fuccboi to go and get drunk and hook up with anther bum ass fuccboi? What the fuck Wilde?
    The sad part is that this is real life...
  18. Just go home Nick. You're too good for everyone. You the MVP.
  19. Nick! I feel your pain buddy! Get your work done, tell everyone to fuck off, and go home! Fuck everyone in this movie at this point! Except Nick! You the man!
  20. Nick! Go home! You don't owe Olivia Wilde shit! She owes you! Don't fall for it!
    ....and you got trapped.... :/
  21. Awkward dinner is awkward...
  22. See! Nick is the fucking man of this movie!
    What's his real name though?
  23. Yeah, that's right Olivia Wilde! Karma is a fucking bitch! How dare you go back to that FUCCBOI!
  24. Jake Johndon (Nick), you're need the MVP award. I salute you sir. Wilde is hot as fuck and all, but you're too good for her at this point.
  25. Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! The feels!!!!
  26. Nick! No! You don't need to help her out!
  27. My house been a lot worse than hers.
  28. Wtf Wilde!?!?!! Yeah, that's totally acceptable! If it was Jake Johnson doing it to you, everyone would think it's creepy, but because it's you, you're confused and its kind of cute... GTFO! You're making the situation worse!
  29. ...Hey Nick buddy, that doesn't help the situation by making her breakfast after an awkward cuddle sesh when you were little spoon! And don't fucking kiss her on the forehead! What the fuck was that?
  30. I really can't say shit, I'm more awkward in real life than they all are combined in this movie.
  31. Blood... fucking great. There's the trio. Blood, sweat, and now just waiting on the tears.
  32. Jeremy, don't fucking cry you little bitch. Drown that shit out like all your other feelings!
  33. Damnnnn! Nick, you about to get your ass whopped!
  34. This is awkward. Great line there Olivia Wilde... That's totally cool.
  36. 🙁😢😥😰 (I swear I'm not crying, but it's really hard not too)
  37. Kendrick, you're lucky you so damn cute and that Jake Johnson is an amazing man in this movie! Otherwise your ass would be out on the curb!
  38. Uh oh, the awkward day at work...
  39. ..........(feelings).........
  40. I just want to punch a hole in the wall, scream into a black hole, and... Idk... Idk what to say anymore...
  41. Goodnight. (Turning phone on Airplane Mode)