The Legend of Zelda, one of the most LOVED game series of all time, has just had it's latest installment release pushed back to 2017. Today, we're taking a look at some of the things that should be included in the next title!
  1. Original and Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack.
    One of the BEST aspects of Skyward Sword was the inclusion of a fully orchestrated soundtrack, nothing had ever sounded this good in a Zelda game before. We hope that Zelda NX gets the same treatment, and to also hear some familiar tunes as well.
  2. Vast and Detailed Environments.
    Now, this is a given, the developers have already announced that Zelda NX will have a strong focus on open world exploration similar to the first installment of the franchise. HOWEVER, these worlds need to be MEMORABLE. They need to establish themselves and have something distinct and unique to offer for every new environment. Everyone remembers Lost Woods, Dragon Roost Island, and Hyrule Field. This ties back to point one, seeing how music and environment work hand in hand.
  3. No More Motion Control.
    Some of you out there, I'm sure, loved the motion controls used in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Although we can see why, we do not agree. Motion control simply takes away from the entire experience, hopefully, Nintendo will not be including it this time around. We can only have faith.
  4. Current Gen— or —NEXT Gen Graphics.
    Either way, graphics don't necessarily matter. For all we care, the game could look like Skyward Sword, but as long as the story and the gameplay hold up, we're on board! However, when you have the technology and the competitive market at your neck, perhaps updating the graphics and giving us most VISUALLY DETAILED ZELDA EVER... Doesn't sound like a bad idea at all, does it?
  5. STORY.
    Zelda games share one thing, •LORE•, every story is different, some share similarities (i.e. OOT and Majora's Mask), but usually Zelda games start fresh with every entry. We're hoping for an EPIC story this time around.. One that sucks you in, one that won't let you go.
  6. Customizable/Upgradeable Weapons and Armor.
    One thing that most current RPGs have is customizable attributes. Zelda, although previously only allowing pre-set upgrades (used as plot devices), could benefit from allowing the player to find resources and craft new items or weapons. Skyward Sword gave us a taste of this, but we would LOVE to see more flexibility.
    From secrets, to inside jokes, Cuccos and bottled fairies, Zelda NX needs to FEEL like a Zelda game too... And whether or not this next installment will be a master piece, or another Zelda II... Is a secret to everybody. Thanks for reading, and check out our YouTube Channel linked on our page. We ❤️ you all.