If you're a runner, you probably think a lot about poop. You don't want to get stuck out on a run, having to poop, with only the woods and the 7-Eleven as your pooping options. So you try to poop before you run. Can't quite get No. 2 to happen? Here are tips, adapted from http://bit.ly/1zGIuiG.
  1. Drink coffee
    Or any warm beverage. Then take a seat on the throne. It usually works.
  2. Get moving
    Do jumping jacks. Run in place. Do dynamic stretches.
  3. Wake up earlier
    Give your bowels a chance to move.
  4. Massage it
    Gentle pressure on the perineum—the area between your genitals and anus—may help get things going.
  5. Fiber
    Fiber always does the trick. But not too much!