Mods I would love to do to my car

My 1989 prelude is 100% stock, this is mostly due to the fact that I make $7.25 an hour and keeping the damn thing roadworthy is of higher priority but if I had the money this is what I would want to do.
  1. Manual swap
    Yes... I bought an automatic prelude. At the time I got it I couldnt drive stick but now that I can it would be awsome to have a third pedal in my car
  2. Kaminari body kit
    I aways liked the super retro looking kaminari kit for the 3rd gen prelude
  3. Old school jap rims
    Classic Japanese wheels (like old advans and SSRs) are very cool but also can command a termendious amount of money for more popular variaties
  4. An exhaust
    Not just a fart can, a header, high flow cat, mandrel bent pipes and a decent muffler
  5. Coilovers
    Nothing dramatic, 2" drop. The way the car sits right now you would think its 4wd lol
  6. Last but not least dark blue metallic paint like whats on this R31 skyline