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  1. Kenny Omega
    Best thing in wrestling today!
  2. Pentagon Dark
    Just a cool hardcore luchador
  3. Seth Rollins
    Best WWE Has to offer
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  1. 5: Happy Gilmore
  2. Billy Madison
  3. 3: Little Nicky (this one is just fun)
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  1. The Others: This movie still gives me the creeps even though my family and I watched it over and over. This movie just creeps me out and is really good and has a great twist
  2. The V/H/S Trilogy: Now the third one not so much but the first two are a very interesting take on horror. This should be the last found footage film series because in a robot chicken fashion they played out almost any scary movie scenario that can be done for this specific genre horror.
  3. Cabin In the woods: Another crazy idea for a scary movie. I dont want to reveal anything so you just have to watch it but i will say this should be the last movie with this many cliches in it. Im not saying this movie has too many it makes sense for the story thats playing out but its like V/H/S to horror movie troupes.
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  1. 1. Chasing Amy
  2. 2. Mallrats
  3. 3. Red State
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  1. 1.Pulp Fiction
    Of course
  2. 2.Django Unchained
  3. 3.Inglorious Basterds
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  1. 1.Yes Man
    Yes, i know this is one of his more recent and people hardly ever love those. But this movie was the movie that made me believe Jim Carrey still has it and always will. This will always be my favorite Carrey film.
  2. 2.The Truman show
    Advertised with Carrey's comedy this movie took a dramatic turn but no so much that its not a fun ride. This movie shows a semi realistic look at if life was a tv show.
  3. 3.Man on the Moon
    A very outrageous comedic biopic to the late Andy Kaufman. Carrey stays true to Kaufman's mannerisms while still putting his own spin on to some of Kaufman's comedic moments. Carrey has to have a huge level of respect for the late prankster.
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  1. 1.The Fifth Element
    This movie was my favorite Bruce Willis movie growing up and still is today. Just a fun action packed Guardians of the Galaxy style movie.
  2. 2.Die Hard
    Also my favorite Christmas movie. Willis is just a badass through out the entire thing. He is also still very real in this one not like later when he becomes another Ethan Hunt or James Bond.
  3. 3.Armageddon
    Talk about a Tearjerker ending, this movie makes you fall in love with every single character, Willis included. Which makes it double hard to see some of them die in order to save the planet.
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Note this is just the seasons i have seen so everything currently on netflix.
  1. 4. Freak Show
    So this one is definitely my least favorite as it is very much like glee and doesnt have as much of an excitement factor as the other three.
  2. 3. Mad house!
    Dont get me wrong this is an amazing season. The focus of this season is on so many different aspects for casual viewers it may be harder to get into.
  3. 2. Coven
    My second favorite this one represents on of my favorite halloween movies the witch movie and boy this hits it out of the park. With badass witches, a minotaur, and a frankenstein like character.
  4. 1. Asylum
    Now my favorite is of course the insane asylum episodes. From house m.d. to psych my favorite episodes are always asylum episodes. Hell, Girl, interupted and one flew over the coocoos nest are some of my favorite movies.
  1. American Horror Story
    Such an amazing show with a awesome cast members. This is such a creative idea for a show what a way to keep the ideas fresh!
  2. Rick and Morty
    Yeah get Swifty! This is next great adult cartoon show with the likes of Futurama and very early simpsons. Lets just hope it stays that way and knows closure.
  3. Supernatural
    A show that honestly needs to cross over with american horror story, this show is entering its 12th season. Being on its last legs i hope this show ends strong.
Snl season 41 coming to and end has me thinking about one thing snl hosts heres a list of a couple id like to see.
  1. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence
    Both have had very amazing episodes hosting, and with there movie being in the works this is the best time to have a tina fey/Amy pohler style double hosting of the show. I think it be a great preview for how they work together.
  2. Brendon Urie/Panic! At the Disco
    This is a long shot definitely more of a long shot that the first choice on my list. I think it be really cool to have Urie be the host and his band be the musical guest. I mean its likely he can get the musical spot but host is a little tricky, but i totally think he's funny enough to do it.
  3. John Cena
    All hatred aside as a wrestling fan, i personally think John Cena is really funny and it would be hilarious to see him host snl.
  4. Misha Collins
    Misha would make an amazing host for season 12 of supernatural hype. It would be another really cool and funny thing to see.