My fantasy snl hosts for season 42

Snl season 41 coming to and end has me thinking about one thing snl hosts heres a list of a couple id like to see.
  1. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence
    Both have had very amazing episodes hosting, and with there movie being in the works this is the best time to have a tina fey/Amy pohler style double hosting of the show. I think it be a great preview for how they work together.
  2. Brendon Urie/Panic! At the Disco
    This is a long shot definitely more of a long shot that the first choice on my list. I think it be really cool to have Urie be the host and his band be the musical guest. I mean its likely he can get the musical spot but host is a little tricky, but i totally think he's funny enough to do it.
  3. John Cena
    All hatred aside as a wrestling fan, i personally think John Cena is really funny and it would be hilarious to see him host snl.
  4. Misha Collins
    Misha would make an amazing host for season 12 of supernatural hype. It would be another really cool and funny thing to see.