My Favorite Scary Movies

  1. The Others: This movie still gives me the creeps even though my family and I watched it over and over. This movie just creeps me out and is really good and has a great twist
  2. The V/H/S Trilogy: Now the third one not so much but the first two are a very interesting take on horror. This should be the last found footage film series because in a robot chicken fashion they played out almost any scary movie scenario that can be done for this specific genre horror.
  3. Cabin In the woods: Another crazy idea for a scary movie. I dont want to reveal anything so you just have to watch it but i will say this should be the last movie with this many cliches in it. Im not saying this movie has too many it makes sense for the story thats playing out but its like V/H/S to horror movie troupes.
  4. Paranormal Activity 2: If V/H/S is the be all end all of found footage films, this is where it peaked! Right in the sweet spot money wise for the series. They didn't break the movie with special effects like the last one and they were still using the film tricks from the first one but perfected. They learned so much from the first movie.
  5. Get Out: Of course i loved this movie who didn't? This was a creative idea that shows that scary movies can have an amazing story as opposed to just creative camera work.