1. Too much time on my hands.
    Very classic rock song.
  2. The american version of Queen.
    from the same time frame as Queen, Styx as a similar vocal style and song theme they are like Styx with a southern folk rock feel to it, and with the same amount of epicness.
  3. Mr. Roboto
    Just kidding this song sucks. Though it does show they can survive such a dumb but still very catchy song.
  4. Dropping Dennis de Young
    Speaking of Mr. Roboto, young had some good songs like Lady and Come Sail Away but he held the band back with the weird Roboto sound and theatrical aspects. Now i know theres nothing wrong with being theatrical but this is a rock band let them be a rock band. These are concerts not shows.
  5. Lawrence Gowan stage presence.
    Young's replacement has the talent of Young combined with the presence of Freddie Mercury. My first time seeing the band live i though Gowan was in his twenties as i could not see his face and the dude can move. That stage becomes his during Come sail away.
  6. Tommy Shaw's legendary....ness
    "Tommy fucking Shaw" as JY introduces him, he is a legend both on guitar and vocals. He is also the best writer of the band (sorry Young).
  7. Live performances are amazing!
    I went to see Def Leppard as a headliner and came out remembering why i love Styx. The way the performed put there own records to shame. This band is the best band i have heard live in my life.