The main reason is the internet but here are some of this biggest reasons to cancel your cable now.
  1. Hulu
    This is a great place to watch new episodes up to date. In fact most shows just do the most up to date seasons and when the seasons over its replaced by the new one. With the addition of live streaming this app is going to destroy the idea of tv and even shows on demand is becoming obsolete.
  2. Netflix
    While hulu has newest episodes, netflix has archived tv shows. For example the show Supernatural has just new episodes on hulu but you can use netflix to catch up. Not only that but they are starting there own original shows all the time just like hulu both of these apps have a way to save tv shows from being canceled.
  3. Internet causing a better rating system.
    We all know that the reason why shows like Galavant, Agent Carter, and Firefly had there time cut short. Thats because of Neilson families. For the time it was created it made sense for tv to have people receive a box that puts what they watch on record so tv execs can find what is popular and what needs to be canceled. This is another obsolete system as websites (like those listed above) can track what you watch in order to recommend new shows to you.