1. 1.The Fifth Element
    This movie was my favorite Bruce Willis movie growing up and still is today. Just a fun action packed Guardians of the Galaxy style movie.
  2. 2.Die Hard
    Also my favorite Christmas movie. Willis is just a badass through out the entire thing. He is also still very real in this one not like later when he becomes another Ethan Hunt or James Bond.
  3. 3.Armageddon
    Talk about a Tearjerker ending, this movie makes you fall in love with every single character, Willis included. Which makes it double hard to see some of them die in order to save the planet.
  4. 4.The Whole Ten Yards
    This movie is like if one of his other badass characters were in a straight up comedy. It continues from where whole 9 yards left off and honestly does a better job.
  5. 5.Bandits
    Another movie that should be on my top favorite movies off all time. A true testament to the idea that Bruce Willis movies are usually feel good movies. This movie with some drama still leaves a good feeling on you with some comedy and clever story telling this will always be one of my favorites!