1. 1.Yes Man
    Yes, i know this is one of his more recent and people hardly ever love those. But this movie was the movie that made me believe Jim Carrey still has it and always will. This will always be my favorite Carrey film.
  2. 2.The Truman show
    Advertised with Carrey's comedy this movie took a dramatic turn but no so much that its not a fun ride. This movie shows a semi realistic look at if life was a tv show.
  3. 3.Man on the Moon
    A very outrageous comedic biopic to the late Andy Kaufman. Carrey stays true to Kaufman's mannerisms while still putting his own spin on to some of Kaufman's comedic moments. Carrey has to have a huge level of respect for the late prankster.
  4. 4.Bruce Almighty
    This movie is giving Carrey the powers of God himself. This is such a creative idea an really bring a lot of laughs with a feel good atmosphere.
  5. 5. The Cable Guy
    More outrageous than man on the moon and way more dramatic than Truman show. This movie bring a dark, disturbing, and wildly funny Jim Carrey performance.