Groceries I forgot because I went to Target and was sidetracked in every aisle I went down.

  1. The coffee creamer! But I remembered coffee filters?! How in the hell...?
  2. The bread! THE FUCKING BREAD! Jesus, who am I? My Dad?
  3. Trash bags.
  4. Toilet paper. Ah! But I have those coffee filters!
  5. Dog food. That was literally the only reason I went to Target.
  6. Deodorant. But I got these great pants. 29 bucks!
  7. Anything to make lunches with all week. I was going to save money by doing that. Why did I just get a PS4? I don't have any time for this. What am I doing?
  8. A birthday card for my niece.
  9. Orange Juice. But I got a candle that smells like oranges. Their candle selection is pretty impressive actually. I see you, Target.