1. Lucas Scott (I'm not gay, but I totally would)
  2. Brooke Davis (not only super hot, but also just as sexually explicit as she was intelligent and driven. The perfect woman)
  3. Skillz (solid comic relief. Also, props on being a 30+ year old man cast as a teenager)
  4. Peyton Sawyer ("people always leave" ugh, all the feels)
  5. Keith Scott (RIP Uncle Keith)
  6. Haley James Scott (props on turning a teenage pregnancy into a marriage)
  7. Nathan Scott (very happy he turned his douche ways around)
  8. Mouth (super "unique" face, yet still landed a couple hotties)
  9. Jimmy (they had one fat character…and they made him kill himself)
  10. Karen (single mom doing the damn thang)