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  1. Veterinarian
    (Kindergarten-3rd grade)
  2. Zookeeper
    (3rd grade)
  3. Lion Tamer
    (4th grade)
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  1. Dislocating your knee is probably the most uncomfortable feeling in the world
  2. Heart shaped Chick Fila nugget
  3. April Ludgate= The love of my life
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  1. Chick Fila
  2. Sleep
  3. Having classes cancelled
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  1. 1. Ryan came first. Obviously.
  2. 2. Hey Starbucks, why write the extra letter? If you're guessing, doesn't it make more sense to save the ink?
  3. 3. Brian looks like brain and that's not okay, so that spelling shouldn't be used period.
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  1. The Mentalist
    Following Patrick Jane through is search to find his wife's killer since 7th grade, and trying to deduce who was guilty every episode ended two years ago in a thrilling and breathtaking finale, and I would love the opportunity to experience it all again uninterrupted.
  2. The Office
    Because Lol
  3. Parks and Rec
    Because a slightly smaller "lol"
  1. 1. He understands fashion.
  2. 2. He would be the perfect subject for a "Stuff on my dog" Twitter page.
  3. Another great example.
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  1. He helped create Seinfeld, an American Classic
  2. He is hilarious on "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
  3. We have never had a comedian president
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