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  1. Aidy Bryant
  2. Shailene Woodley
  3. Kesha
  1. Delayed Reaction
    When the pace goes wrong
  2. Fred "5-Face" Fanceeman
    An actor who only knows 5 facial expression
Not Written During Show
  1. Sometimes it's nice to watch a story without having to hear it.
  2. There are 18,000,000 ways to move through something and those are the choices that lead us on.
  3. Art can come from really good or really awful places, but the art may not correspond.
  4. It is always the artists job to respond with purpose.
  1. I was trying to take a short cut.
  2. I ended up at a pond that was bigger than originally expected.
  3. I saw an alligator.
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  1. The Narrator/Mysterious Man
    Into the Woods
  2. Leaf Coneybear
    The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  3. Edna Turnblad
    Hairspray! The Broadway Musical
7 more...
  1. Eating too much Taco Bus.
  2. Eating too many Twizzlers.
  3. Eating, in general.
  4. Someone help I've been eating tacos and twizzlers for a week and I've lost all control