1. Sade (How did this never happen in our universe?)
  2. David Bowie (Likewise)
  3. Trent Reznor (It's what he's doing anyway.)
  4. Janet Jackson (She would have had so much fun making the video.)
  5. Janelle Monae (She's wearing a tux right now.)
  6. Bjork (An obvious choice, despite the fact that she for sure hasn't heard of James Bond.)
  7. The Fugees (Ready Or Not is one of the best "Was that a Bond theme?" songs ever.)
  8. No Doubt (If only for all the circa Goldeneye "That is NOT real ska," you'd hear whispered in the theater when the horns kicked in.)
  9. Will Smith (You know an alternate universe version of you bought this single.)
  10. Aerosmith (Which Bond movie came out the same year as Dream On? A missed opportunity I hope our Earth 2 brothers and sisters don't repeat.)