Things I love photographing

Its just what I do
  1. Random People
    Catching people in the weird quirky routines is an obsession of mine. This man was walking backwards around a park in San Fransisco, swinging his arms from his waist to where they are in the picture.
  2. Combat Sports
    Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, BJJ. The list continues. I love catching the art of combat mid strike or slightly after. Crisp, clean, devastatingly beautiful.
  3. Wakeboarding
    I love wakeboarding, but I'm terrible at it. There is nothing I love more then watch the naturally gifted throw down behind the boat. Danny Harf is among the most talented wakeboarders alive and photographing this set was truely an honor.
  4. Rodeo
    Man and animal, head to head.
  5. Dogs
    No matter what I am shooting, if there is a puppy around, I'm taking a picture of it