1. ...
    The guy I lived with the semester I failed out of college for the second time. I failed out of college for the first time in high school, I was precocious. I remember he was short, had red hair, and once spent the entire night on his knees when he fell asleep praying.
  2. M something
    Tall skinny guy who was pretty into eating pomegranates.
  3. Other M something.
    Lived with him at the same time as the first M something. He played games on his computer a lot, but he was a bit more annoying than the other M something. ESPN 8 the Ocho announcer Cotton McKnight would have described him as both awkwardly feminine and possibly Canadian.
  4. Two brothers from Chicago
    Shared a room with each other, smelled bad, were messy, poor social skills, and told a girl I had over she needed to leave at midnight because of apartment rules. I hope the younger one stopped living with his brother and figured shit out, he had potential. Both pretty bright guys.
  5. 4/6 roommates from when I roomed with my cousin.
    I liked them all ok and probably was/am friends with a few, but I can't for the life of me remember who else was in that apartment.