After traveling the World from Japan to Thailand, then from Australia to Brazil and Chile. I have seen a lot of countries and met a considerable amount of people. If I had any advice for those wanting to start traveling here is my list of countries to see in our lifetime.
  1. #5 - Brazil
    Brazil has so many sights to see such as Jesus, Sugarloaf Mountain, etc. But what makes it an amazing country is how everything comes together. The way of life, the food, the sights, and the people. It has so much offer, and though it may be a dangerous country it is beautiful. Rio De Janeiro is just a sight to see to believe. So much history in the city itself from the beautiful scenery to the night markets. Brazil is an amazing country with so much to offer. It is a country that is a must.
  2. #4 New Zealand
    New Zealand is a beautiful country. I will say it had the most beautiful landscape and scenery in the World. Nothing can compare to nature and scenery it provides. Being the site with the Hobbit Shire prop set, it goes to show just what kind of land New Zealand is. Even at night you are able to see the night sky so clearly the stars light up the sky. New Zealand has much more to offer such as mud spas and even cave diving. It is an amazing country and you will need at least a week for it all.
  3. #3 Italy
    Italy is a country many people visit. But what I would suggest is visiting the country side. Seeing the mountain and small villages. You'll be amazed how different the city is compared to mountain villages. The snow topped mountains with the small village is a sight from a painting. The people though they don't speak English much, they are such gentle and mind people. The country side if Italy for me was a great experience, and one I would love to go back too.
  4. #2 Thailand
    Thailand is a country full of a fun time. There is just so much to do here! Of course you'll have to be 21+ in my opinion. But being 18+ is the legal age. The city itself is a sight to behold. So much culture, and though the country is poor, the people are what makes it amazing. The night life never sleeps. They have certain bars with specialty shows, night markets that go until morning, street food stands with Thai snacks. So much to do here, and Thailand is all about the experience.
  5. #1 Japan
  6. Japan will always be my top Country to visit. There are too many things to do in this country. Kyoto the old capital has so much history with the historic buildings and statues. Sapporo being in the northern part of Japan, has a a country side feel. Tokyo has so many things like Electronic district, food district, clothing, etc. A must visit.