Looking for some new music?
  1. Band Marino
    Look them up.
  2. Ramona Falls
    Their first album, Intuit is incredible. I've heard a few songs from "Prophet" but haven't heard it all the way through yet. From what I've heard it's also great. All in all they're an amazing group.
  3. Gorillaz
    Specifically Demon Days. Demon days is one of my top three favorite albums, besides 'Intuit' and 'The Sea and the Beast'.
  4. Koji Kondo
    Okay this doesn't really fit with the theme of this list, but this guy is my favorite composer. I particularly love the 25th anniversary Zelda symphony.
  5. Grizzly Bear
    I haven't heard much of their stuff yet, but I like what I've heard.
  6. Beirut