My favorite decade.
  1. Ozone
    The band.
  2. Neopets
  3. Good Spongebob
    That show used to be really funny.
  4. Phantom Planet
  5. Band Marino
    The band my big brother was in. The best band. I spent a lot of time at their shows growing up.
  6. Good popular music.
  7. Cool Cars
    Specifically sedans. What is it about sedans these days? It's like all of their target audience is 35 year old businesswomen.
  8. Cool slang
    Remember a time before hearing a slang term literally made you cringe? I do. And it was radical.
  9. Honorable mentions:
    •The Office•Lost•Flight of the Chonchords•Hot Rod•Some Great Videogames•