1. 2
    The number 2 is the most commonly under appreciated number, but it has a simple beauty to it, a quiet confidence like no other number.
  2. 37
    This number almost took first on my list. It's probably my personal favorite. It is, as we all know, the funniest number. Popularized when Leslie Knope used 37 exclamation marks in a text to Anne in an episode of the hit TV show "Parks and Recreation". Before this, 37 had only done a few commercials here and there and played a small roll in an episode of Law and Order.
  3. 52
    In the early 20s, the number 52 was strictly taboo, but in recent years people seem to be using it quite often. In fact, many celebrities have, in the past, used it as their age. It is looking like that trend will continue as quite a few a-list actors seem to be considering doing the same.
  4. 7
    7 is an intelligent, yet attractive number. It's got a look that just says "new guy at school that's smart but also super attractive and kind of aloof and hard to read but tender on the inside." 7 has often been described as the most Kevin Bacon-ish number.
  5. 1
    1 is kind of a douche bag, but no one seems to care. It's over confident, but for good reason. One has a simple beauty and attractiveness like no other number. There's just an unexplainable charm to the one line design.
  6. 69
    This is one of my favorite numbers for obvious reasons. It's the best temperature to have outside. I can wear my Assassins Creed sweatshirt if I want, or I can wear a t shirt. Thanks 69! You really know how to please a man!
  7. 127
    I'm partial to the number 127 because it's how old my ol' Pop's gonna get. It's also how many jelly beans is in the jar. *wink*
  8. 4
    This number holds a special place in my heart because it's how many friends I have. Also it's how many sides there are to a square, a shape I really identify with. (Top 10 shapes list coming soon)
  9. 5
    The fifth number on any list, 9th in my heart. Five is how many fingers it takes to please my girl. I'm the best high-fiver I know.
  10. 10
    10 fingers. 10 toes. 10/10 stars. All 10 karate belts. These are all things I have.