Fave Kanye tracks from every album

No one asked for my opinion but Ima give it anyway. Also, each solo album I should say. This list is subject to change, my love for Ye is constantly evolving.
  1. The College Dropout - Jesus Walks
    Ok ok I know, what a basic bitch song to choose as my fave for this album. What about Through the Wire? Or Spaceship?? Breathe In Breathe Out??? All classics. But Jesus Walks was the first Ye song I remember my mom playing in the car every morning before school. It'll always have a special place in my wavy heart.
  2. Late Registration - Hey Mama
    LR is probably my least favorite Ye album, so I only really regularly listen to a handful of songs. Ye's relationship with his mother is really similar to mine and my mother's, and this is such a sweet song.
  3. Graduation - Good Morning
    Damn, this was actually a really hard choice. Was almost a toss up between GM, Flashing Lights and Good Life...and Can't Tell Me Nothing...and Stronger bc that was probably the best pop song of that year. But Good Morning is a great opener, and "Scared of the future while I hop in the Delorean" is a GOAT line. P.s I miss BearYe.
  4. 808's & Heartbreak - Say You Will
    Yes I realize that this is the second album opener song on the list, and I don't care. You truly feel the longing and heartache Ye rhymes about, and it's definitely relatable. He perpetuates the emotions of heartbreak so well on this album, clearly. And the production of the whole album is just amazin (pun intended).
  5. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Gorgeous
    This was another really difficult decision. It's hard for me to separate the tracks on this album because they flow so beautifully together. No amount of praise for this album will ever be enough...but I digress. I'm a sucker for a prominent electric guitar, and I always find myself bumpin this song so loud in my car. It's just..so good. Shout out to the Runaway mini film, it's GORGEOUS (I did it again).
  6. Yeezus - I Am a God
    A lot of people have harsh attitudes towards Yeezus; it's quite different and a little weird at times. But how else do you follow up an album like MBDTF? It's a bit experimental and odd, but still a masterpiece in its own right. There's nothing I love more than driving on back roads at night listening to I Am A God, the darkness combined with the panting/screaming is so unreal. Also, HURRY UP WITH MY DAMN CROISSANTS
  7. The Life of Pablo - Waves
    I don't think I've given TLOP enough spins to properly decide on a fave song from it yet, but Waves seems to really stick out to me. It's so beautifully produced and perfectly composed, the only problem I have with it is Breezy (when will this misogynist go away???). Still such a good song. WAVES DONT DIIIE
  8. Honorable mention: Graduation - Bittersweet
    That. Damn. Melody.