I want to write an If/Then style musical (if you're a film person, think Sliding Doors) about Shelley Long: one half documenting the life she led deciding to leave and having left Cheers; one half imagining the life she would have lived had she stayed. Here are some lyrics from Shelley's Act One aria.
  1. Should I stay here with Norm/when I’m ready to transform?
  2. They’ll all think that I’m insane/if I say goodbye to Frasier Crane.
  3. But a sure thing with Woody/isn’t worth asking, “Could she?”
  4. It’s time to embrace the “if”/and stop hanging on this Cliff.
  5. Carla, take my apron, take my tray!/The Money Pit set me on my way.
  6. So goodbye to Sam Malone./I can do this--do this on my own!
  8. i've gotta get out of this game / go somewhere nobody knows my name .
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand