1. How do we mount theatre that is tied to a specific time and yet transcend that time (i.e., so it's not "dated")?
  2. Is art that's inextricably linked to a specific time automatically inferior to art that's not?
  3. Should I watch and evaluate "time capsule" art differently?
  4. Is The Heidi Chronicles even the time capsule art that its detractors claim it is?
  5. Why are equal rights movements so often adversarial or at least antagonist to each other when their subcultures could reach so many more people by banding together?
  6. If I have to choose between my boyfriend, who doesn't want children, and having a child, which will I choose? How will I do it?
  7. Is Elisabeth Moss worried that she's going to get "pigeonholed" in feminist roles? Has someone on her team cautioned her about it? Did she tell that rep to go fuck him or herself with her Emmy and Tony nominations?
  8. Do I automatically dislike performances by straight actors playing gay characters? Or at least hold them to a higher standard? Should I?
  9. When so many gifted queer actors lose roles for reading "too gay," why aren't we seeing them cast in gay roles?
  10. Is the question immediately above this one moronic? Shouldn't the role just go to the actor who gives the best performance? (Would being gay inevitably make for a better performance?)
  11. SPOILER ALERT. When Heidi and Scoop don't end up together and I feel a twinge of disappointment that they never worked it out (even though he's a shiftless cad), am I channeling the characters' disappointment? Is it about the love they have for each other but can't realize? OR...
  12. Am I just conditioned to want them to be together because the traditional, heteronormative happy ending is always a coupling between a man and a woman and he's the only straight man in the play?
  13. Is my disappointment a signal that some part of me is buying into the heteronormative trajectory as the only truly happy ending?
  14. How much do people confuse their feelings for Jason Biggs with their feelings for Jason Biggs's characters?
  15. So many of Wendy Wasserstein's dreams came true. It is incredibly sad that her life was cut short. Did she have enough time to see them realized? To enjoy what she accomplished? Do people ever?
  16. Am I stupid for not having heard of most of these artists?