1. I'm going to be a star./I'm going to be a working actor./I'm going to be a teacher.
  2. Four hours of sleep and thriving/Eight Hours of sleep or useless/Six hours of sleep because Ambien has lost its efficacy
  3. I eat whatever I want and remain thin/I watch what I eat so I can remain thin/I eat whatever I want because I'm not going to be thin anyway.
  4. Notebooks/laptops/iPads
  5. My parents pay the rent/student loans pay the rent/I pay the rent
  6. I sleep with no one/I sleep with everyone/I sleep with one man
  7. Lawrence v. Texas/Prop. 8/Obergefell v. Hodges
  8. Friends on NBC/Friends on TBS/Friends on Netflix
  9. Friendster/Facebook/ListApp