Same show. Different character (e.g., not Darren Stevens). Arguably equal if not superior (e.g., not Cindy Snow). Who would you choose? Who did I forget?
  1. Diane or Rebecca
    I would call it the ultimate TV ultimatum.
  2. Ernie Pantusso ("Coach") or Woody Boyd
    Yup. Cheers pulled off replacements of principal characters twice--and expertly each time. Because it's boss. Eat it Gary's Old Town Tavern!
  3. Angel or Spike
    Yes,Spike was introduced as a "big bad" while Angel was still on the show. But when he returns as a regular, his basic function is the same: Buffy's doomed love interest.
  4. Cordelia or Anya
    Another controversial labeling of original and replacement. Again, same basic function: outsider in the group; comically strident dissenter; Xander's love interest.
  5. Big or Aidan
    It probably says something about me that I think "Skipper or Steve" would be a far more compelling discussion...
  6. Dennis Duffy vs. Floyd DeBarber vs. Dr. Drew Baird vs. Wesley Snipes vs. Carol Burnett vs. Criss Chross
    An embarrassment of recurring riches.
  7. Jill or Kris
    Before you say no one can touch Farrah, note that ratings went up in season two and how different Cheryl Ladd's appeal is.
  8. Valerie or Aunt Sandy
    REMEMBER WHEN VALERIE DIED?!? It was probably the most traumatic moment of kindergarten.
  9. Prue or Paige
    I don't think there's much of a debate to be had here but others do. At least it's more ambiguous than Brenda or Valerie...
  10. Detective John Kelly or Detective Bobby Simone
    And I'm not just asking for a tuchus comparison. In which case it would be Det. John Clark. Duh.
  11. Wally Porter or Dana Palladino
    Love and War. Anybody? Anybody?
  12. Mrs. Garrett vs Beverly Ann Stickle
    I mean clearly there's no competition. But I feel like it needs to be on this list. Mostly because I love the Facts of Life.
    Suggested by @eatthelove
  13. Pam or Karen
    Suggested by @LevNovak