1. It was 2004.
  2. I was single.
  3. I hated it.
  4. I was dating. A lot.
  5. Everyone disappointed me.
  6. I'm not sure if my expectations were too high, as I feared, or too narrow, as my therapist suggested.
  7. At the time, I was acting for a living.
  8. I'd gone on a date with a director, which I'd never done before. I was excited, thinking he would have a similar frame of reference and share my passions (and insecurities) without our having to negotiate a lot of weird competitive shit.
  9. Over crêpes, the director told me he had just seen the best piece of theatre he had ever seen.
  10. "What?!" I excitedly asked.
  11. "Wicked!"
  12. My date was not being ironic.
  13. I wanted to ask for our check then and there.
  14. My therapist patiently listened to this story and then said:
  15. "Sloan, if you dismiss every gay man in this city who likes Wicked, you're going to lead a very lonely life."
  16. EPILOGUE: My boyfriend of four years had never even heard of Wicked when we started dating. Love is real.