Roots? More like Toots! These gems set the standard for what I want to see in a TV movie...
  1. Empty Cradle
    Kate Jackson plays a psychotic nurse who, in an effort to keep her married lover's interest, fakes a pregnancy and abducts patient Lori Loughlin's newborn child.
  2. A Message From Holly
    Free spirited artist Lindsay Wagner is dying of cancer and asks her long lost college friend, high powered business woman Shelley Long, to move to the country to raise her daughter. It's like reverse Beaches.
  3. A Friend To Die For
    Also known as Death of a Cheerleader, this is based on the true story of a high schooler, played by Kelli Martin, who killed a more popular classmate, played by Tori Spelling. As I recall, Valerie Harper turns in a veritable tour de force as Martin's mother, falling apart during her daughter's trial.
  4. Kate's Secret
    Meredith Baxter in the bulimia movie that started it all
  5. Touched by Evil
    The apex of Paula Abdul's storied acting career features her as a woman attacked by a serial rapist who may be...her own boyfriend. Also stars Adrian Pasdor, Tracy Nelson, and Charlayne Woodward.
  6. Maternal Instincts
    Delta Burke miscarries and proceeds to seek revenge on her doctor who happens to be....pregnant. One action-packed scene features Burke trying to run someone over with a shopping cart.