1. If you don't know, don't force it
    Not sure what you want to do yet? It's OK. Take a semester or year off. Oooor, if you're sure you want a college education, go ahead and get the basics (general studies/education) out of the way. That gives you at least a year or so to decide on a major.
  2. Sleep is nice, but . . .
    I guarantee you that no one said "I wish I would have gotten more sleep" on their death bed. Unless you're Bruce Lee.
  3. You'll always have time for a romantic relationship.
    It'll find you, so enjoy your single life while you can.
  4. YOLO is not a good life motto
  5. Don't let anyone else persuade you into or out of anything.
    It's your life. Go with the decision that you believe is best. Don't worry about much of anything.
  6. If you can stay up to party, you can get up for responsibilities
  7. Set aside time for you to reflect on your weeks, days even.
    Decide what you liked and didn't like about them and figure out a plan to have better ones in the future. Kind of like Spring cleaning.