I didn't post scripture to go along with each point, but if you would like just ask and I will give it to you. Always check for yourself and NEVER take anyones word.
  1. Why is being a Christian so hard?
    Because you aren't reading your Bible. And even when you start reading your Bible it's going to be hard, but since you've been reading you will obtain all the power ups and tools you need to defear each level. *Ready, FIGHT!*
  2. If God already knows the end, how is that free will?
    God knows your heart. God knows the destination of the paths in life you take. What free will does is allow you to switch paths at any given moment. Not making sense? Lets say we're on a road trip, and because I'm traveling west on route 66 I will eventually end up on the west coast, but maybe I changed my mind and would like to go elsewhere. The west coast is no longer my destination, but the geography of the world doesn't change based on my directional decisions.
  3. God never gives you more than you can handle, right?
    WRONG! God wants you in a place where you're completely dependent on Him, so He can show you how awesome He intended for your life to be.
  4. Why did God let this happen?
    If you really want to know establish a relationship with Him, and ask Him. But there are many different answers depending on the situation.
  5. Only God can judge me.
    Not a question, but definitely an ignorant enough statement to make the list. There are quite a few scriptures that talk about judgement and how it works. The main misquoted scripture is "do not judge lest you be judged," but in that same passage it says get yourself right with God and then you can judge. Of course that's the straight, to the point translation.