There are some truly bonkers Murder, She Wrote episodes, and I'm barely into the third season.
  1. Murder by Appointment Only (Season 2): Jessica's former - and favorite? - student has become an escort and, spoiler, is murdered. Bleak. No discussion of why the student turned to escorting.
  2. Tough Guys Don't Die (Season 1): The late and great Jerry Orbach is a P.I. who briefly disguises himself as a cowboy. Can only presume these were really Lennie Briscoe's drinking years.
  3. Christopher Bunday - Died on Sunday (Season 2): Jessica solves a murder mystery at what is clearly a thinly disguised Playboy mansion. Where the IRS has an undercover agent acting as a servant. Obvs.
  4. Death Stalks the Big Top (Season 3): Jessica's brother-in-law faked his death and is working at a circus. Weird because this is treated as NBD and isn't even the primary mystery.
  5. Capitol Offense (Season 1): A congressmen is murdered - by what appears to be a government conspiracy - and Jessica both fills his seat in the House and solves the murder. Again, treated as totes NBD.