If you agree with me that this is currently the best show on American television, then we should probably be friends. @andycohen @BravoWWHL
  1. Thank baby Jesus they are getting new uniforms at SUR. Those dresses they currently wear are hideous and trashy
  2. Ooooh Pump vs SUR showdown! Clearly manufactured drama, but I love it
  3. Who is that hottie next to Jax?
  4. J Law's fave drink? Sign me up for a Pumptini please!
  5. Oh poor Lala needed her mama because she got slut shamed so she couldn't go to Venice to be arm-candy!
  6. Lol this movie promo with Seth Rogan is hilarious. Must set DVR for that!
  7. Lisa is seriously carrying a swan into a dining establishment? Mmm ok.
  8. Schwartz is cute, but that baby whisper voice has got to go.
  9. James is the worst! You don't regret cheating on your girlfriend??
  10. I love Scheana's rationalization that because her marriage is falling apart, it's ok to be a bully.
  11. Ew so Tom is keeping the Jax/Kristin couch?
  12. Maybe Shay left because he doesn't want to sleep in the bedroom of a teenage girl?
  13. I Iove how everyone laughed when Schwartz said 4-5k for a ring! Poor Schwartz 😟
  14. Clearly all Scheana cared about was the ring and the wedding and didn't notice anything else going on.
  15. James is such a smarmy fuck!