1. I Don't Want to Change You
    This was pre-released for a reason. More produced than most of Rice's songs from "O" or "9". Same Damien. New sound. But not a bad thing.
  2. The Greatest Bastard
    Live versions of this song has been floating around on YouTube for years. It's nice to have an album version finally. And hear that, Lisa Hannigan? Damien is a bastard and he's sorry!
  3. It Takes A Lot to Know a Man
    Maybe it's the repetitive piano theme, but this song got stuck in my head more than any other song on the album.
  4. Colour Me In
    This sounds like it would fit perfectly on "O". And that's the greatest compliment a song should receive.
  5. Trusty and True
    I like when it sounds like Rice is tapping into his Irish roots.
  6. My Favourite Faded Fantasy
    Another pre-released song meant to show Damien's more produced sound. I like it. But after a month of listening to it on repeat, I'm a bit over it. Which doesn't happen often with Damien Rice songs.
  7. Long Long Way
    Feels like a long long song. A good ending for the album but don't want to listen to it on its own.
  8. The Box
    Sadly, even with only 8 songs on the album this was filler. Forgettable.