NFL Top 5 worst teams to make a Super Bowl Appearance (win or lose)
  1. 1985 Patriots Ugh....How did they even score?
  2. 2006 Bears Rex GROSS...nuff said
  3. 2000 N.Y. Giants ... They let Trent Dilfer beat them...and they had a white cornerback post 1960's!?
  4. 1999 Tennessee Titans I know this is not gonna be popular cause they had some great players but they got there on a lateral and a prayer not mention they were lucky the Rams sputtered poorly in the redone all day cause the greatest show on turf was racing up and down the field at will and should have easily blown them put!
  5. 2005 Seahawks Couldn't find a way to win even though Big Ben played with both arms tied behind is back and WR Randle El had to throw a TD for him!