1. The Internet is a super weird place that I both hate and love.
  2. Every time I feel Deja vu I'm either remembering a past life or feeling a premonition for the future.
    Or both. Maybe we just relive the same life enough times until we get it right.
  3. Smell is the best version of time travel we have so far.
  4. No walls should be painted white.
  5. Hazelnuts are the best nuts.
  6. Every time I get on a plane I'm about to die.
  7. I probably think about death too much.
  8. Carbs are the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet.
  9. I would rather sit outside and read a good book than ride a roller coaster.
  10. Raspberry jelly is the best jelly.
    Strawberry and grape can suck it.
  11. Music, books, plays, and movies can transport you to another place where you are part of a new world and a new life and nothing is as exhilarating.
    I will spend my whole life trying to feel the way I felt when I read or saw something for the first time.