Things I Have on and Around My Desk at Work - Part A

  1. Plant #1 - a bonsai tree
    Turned out to be the tallest plant ever grown
  2. Office tape sculpture I made
    A result of years of boredom and free access to tape
  3. Used battery collection
  4. Plant #2 - braided trunk tree
    By this point all the nutrients it needs are coming from the rust that accumulated on the pot. One time a mushroom grew out of the soil. That was the best year ever.
  5. A simple magnet
  6. A very complicated magnet
  7. A dried plum from China
    I think I'll make a separate list just for food I keep in case of an emergency
  8. A hoverboard
    It really hovers! This officially makes me the coolest guy in Petach-Tikva
  9. Various broken drones
    I figure they have an average life span of about 20 minutes of flight time
  10. A helipad