12 Reasons Why Donald Trump Would Make A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

  1. Ok, I know this election has people pretty riled up...
  2. And I don't mean to offend anyone with this list...
  3. But here's the thing:
  4. I made a really cool list with my favorite pictures of monster trucks, but I was afraid no one would look at it if I just posted a list called "cool monster trucks." So I made a deceptive title and intro in the hopes that people would click on it and then I'd get to show them all the cool monster truck pictures I found.
    I'm really sorry if you feel like I misled you. I hope we can still be friends.
  5. Anyway, check out these monster trucks!
  6. Look how cool this one is!!!!
  7. Vroom vroom! Oh man! So sweet!
  8. Look at! This ones got a batman logo and everything!
  9. I call this one "The Crushinator" (though that's probably not its actual name).
  10. Hey, are you still mad at me about the Trump/Hillary thing? Please don't be.
  11. Like I said, it was just about getting you to look at all these mega awesome monster trucks.
    I don't even follow politics really. I just don't want to make people upset.
  12. Seriously, please can we still be friends?
  13. Anyway, here's more monster trucks!
    WHOA!!!! Check out that air!
  14. I would let this take me to school!!!!
  16. So sick!
  17. Holy moly!!!
  18. Again, I'm really sorry to mislead you. 😞
    Please still be my friend. (I hope you liked the monster trucks).
  19. Rawr!