1. Jet Blue Terminal / Booze is so expensive here / Doesn't stop me though
  2. Taste the dry vermouth / Watch some SportsCenter reruns / Liquor and Lakers
  3. Suitcase at my feet / Plus six dollar Smart Water / Bought from Hudson News
  4. White dude with a beard / Hits on pretty bartender / Watch him get shot down
  5. Asian businessman / Sips gin and plays on tablet / A true fruit ninja
  6. Feeling pretty good / Well... 'Airport good,' which isn't / really all that great
  7. Oh my God! Is that... / Wait. Hang on - no. Never mind. / It's not Tim Meadows.
  8. Should I order fries? / Like that's even a question / Time to tater up
  9. Tried to share this list / With the pretty bartender / She did not get it
  10. Three martinis in / Tell me now: why does this bar / Look like an airport?
  11. Have another drink / I said to myself just now / don't mind if I do!
  12. Hope I'm not delayed / I'm not sure if my liver / could handle that shit
  13. Holy shit, it is! / That's totally Tim Meadows / Wait - no. No it's not.
  14. Airport arport fun / drunking inthe airport was a great ideaa / uh oh here coms security
  15. Liiiiiiiist / Airportz! Ports of air / Baggage claim 😜😜😜