A thorough investigation
  1. Charles Evans Whittaker
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    Ugh, what an unhuggable jerk. If the picture's not enough, know that he was viewed as spineless and wishy-washy and later spoke out against the Civil Rights Movement. No hugs for you.
  2. John Marshall Harlan II
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    Totally would go for the handshake first and then try to turn it into bro hug while making things way more awkward. Points for supporting desegregation, but basically just voted the same way his mentor, Felix Frankfurter, and was even dubbed "Frankfurter without mustard."
  3. Potter Stewart
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    A bit standoffish, but once you got in there he'd give a solid - if rigid - squeeze. One of the key movers in Roe v. Wade, so you know he knows how to treat a lady (with the respectful understanding that she can make decisions about her own body).
  4. Earl Warren
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    A chief hug for Eisenhower's sole Chief Justice appointee. He'd come at you with a nice big bear hug. Might even throw in a tickle! Probably could use a hug too after having to oversee the "Warren Commission" investigation into the JFK assassination 😔
  5. William J Brennan Jr.
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    What a cutie!