If you answered yes to either question, this list is for you!
  1. Check it out, fellow li.st peeps! I co-wrote/produced a comedy short that is currently live on HuffPo: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/10261654.html
  2. For those who saw this list... SHAMELESS PLUGS - this is the project you all helped to make!
    Maybe not all. Maybe some of you. Who knows?
  3. It's a satirical news piece that takes aim (pun intended) at the absurd rhetoric of the NRA and pro-gun lobby who claim the key to stopping gun violence is more guns.
    Awesome logic there, guys!
  4. The short explores a world in which rampant snake attacks are on the rise, and the National Reptile Association claims that the only solution is "more snakes."
    (Snakes in schools, abolishing "snake-free zones," increased access to Anacondas - you get it)
  5. If you enjoy comedy and support common sense gun control laws (which I'm guessing is most people on this app), this video is for you!
  6. Please watch, enjoy, like and share!!!