1. Start at Go
    Definitely the first place you have to visit in AC. Feel free to bring your dog, top hat or wheelbarrow. Pro tip: pass by later in the day and they will literally give you $200 cash. Cha-Ching!
  2. Head over to Oriental Avenue
    Great place to hit up early. Right by the Reading Railroad and just a skip away from equally lovely Vermont and Connecticut avenues. Rent is cheap (only $6!!), but if you get there right away, you might be able to purchase the whole avenue from the bank! Talk about a souvenir!
  3. Visit the Jail
    You'd never guess, but jail is one of AC's top free attractions. Just steer clear of that one mean old police officer - he's been known to send people there...directly there. That's a sure way to ruin any trip!
  4. Take advantage of the Free Parking
    Seriously, DO NOT waste your time with a garage - you'll feel like SUCH a tourist when you see the ample free parking right between New York ave and Kentucky ave.
  5. Take a ride on the B&O Railroad
    Nothing says classic Atlantic City like a jaunty ride on the old B&O. Located just off Illinois ave, this railroad is 100% identical to AC's other three railroads. If it is unowned, you may buy it from the bank. Chugga chugga choo-choo!
  6. Experience the Water Works
    Just your average municipal water distribution hub right? Wrong! Though they sure have a weird way of determining price of admission, no trip to AC is complete without a peek at this vital piece of urban infrastructure. (Note - if Water Works is overbooked, try checking out the Electric Company across town.)
  7. Stay in a hotel on lovely Pennsylvania Avenue
    Sure, a night here will set you back $1400, but who can resist the charms of Atlantic City's historic bright red hotels? If need be, the banker will be happy to help you mortgage some property to afford it. What a strange, capitalistic city.
  8. Take a Chance
    Like any good city, AC boasts several giant question marks where you can accomplish feats like earning second place in a beauty contest or even gain a free pass to commit any crime (any at all!) and get out of jail free. What a world we live in!
  9. Finish your trip at the Boardwalk
    Yes, it's ludicrously expensive and a total tourist trap, but no visit to Atlantic City is complete without a visit to the Boardwalk. Sure you might be flat bankrupt by now, having had to sell off your houses and give up stake in your lucrative railroad holdings, but at least you've had one hell of a time in New Jersey's glitziest travel destination. And remember, if you're playing by house rules, $500 is only a roll of the dice away (so to speak). Happy traveling!