1. Do not leave unlabeled food in the Fight Club refrigerator
  2. No tickling
  3. On Wednesdays we wear pink
  4. Do not snapchat about Fight Club
  5. Indoor voices!
  6. Do not rebroadcast, retransmit or share any account of Fight Club without the expressed, written consent of Major League Baseball.
  7. Take it easy on Jeff, OK?
  8. No swords
  9. Spider-Man costumes are ok, but if you lose a fight while wearing one, everyone gets to call you "Spider Wuss" for a week.
  10. Any teeth you find must be reported to Carl, who manages lost & found. After 3 days if no one has claimed them, they are yours to keep.
  11. Don't cut through Mrs. Finney's azalea garden on the way to/from Fight Club. Stay on the path like a civilized person.
  12. If this is your third time at Fight Club, you have to bring bagels