1. In Aladdin, the downtrodden thief, Aladdin, and the wealthy Prince Ali ARE THE SAME PERSON!
    But that person's real name (never revealed in the movie) is Herbert Weizenthal.
  2. The Lion King wasn't 100% realistic in its portrayal of jungle life. In the real world, a lion would kill and eat a Meerkat - not sing a jaunty song about taking it easy.
  3. In The Little Mermaid, when Sebastian the Crab sings "Under the Sea," he really means "Under the Bay," since the entire film takes place in and around the Bay of Pigs during the American invasion of Cuba!
  4. Hercules was a real movie that was released in 1997.
  5. The Emperor's New Groove takes its title from the story, The Emperor's New Clothes, which is about a powerful leader who likes parading around naked in front of children.
  6. I never saw Tarzan, but if I had to guess, there's a song called "Swing from the Highest Vine" in it.
  7. Hi ho! Every actor who voiced one of the seven dwarves in Snow White is now dead.
    So are their parents.
  8. In Beauty and the Beast, the real beast is Capitalism. And the real talking clock is Socialism.
  9. If you look closely at the end credits of Cinderella, you'll notice it does not display the traditional message "no animals were harmed during the making of this film." That's because all of the animation was tattooed directly onto the skin of live otters. Also, they stabbed a bison "just because."
  10. The porn parody of Fox and the Hound, titled "Foxy Gets Hounded and Pounded," is the one film Walt Disney said he didn't make but always wished he had.
  11. If you watch Bambi backward, it's a story about a magical deer who resuscitates his dead mother. Also all of the dialogue is indecipherable, so maybe just watch it forward.
  12. Mulan was Asian, so Disney's all good on the whole race thing, right? RIGHT????
    Plus those crows in Dumbo were-- wait, wait, never mind. Forget I said anything. Go to the next one. Go to the next one.
  13. The original soundtrack to Fantasia was just a guy banging cymbals together and yelling "yogurt" over and over again.
    Unfortunately at the time, the Dannon Corporation owned the trademark on the word yogurt and refused to clear it for use in the film, so Disney settled for an all-classical score instead.
  14. The character of Robin Hood isn't actually a fox. He's just a very poorly drawn steam shovel.
    And prince John isn't a lion. He's a poorly drawn anthropomorphic pile of breadsticks!
  15. In the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo's hunch was voiced by acclaimed thespian, Kenneth Branagh, who was brought into the studio to stand silently in front of a microphone during the full 3-hour recording session.