Which, let's face it, she really should.
  1. My Part Will Go On
  2. It's All Combing Back to Me Now
  3. Because You Buzzed Me
  4. A Curl to Believe In
  5. The Coloration of my Love
  6. Gel Him
  7. The Power of Locks
  8. All Dye Myself
  9. The Last to Blow (Dry)
  10. A New Do Has Come
  11. Can you tell I'm running thin on ideas?
  12. Honestly, this list was much harder than I thought
  13. But the next thing you know, it's 1 AM and I'm googling 'Celine Top Singles' and 'Hair Products' praying for a witty match.
  14. I mean, the first three came so easily - that was pretty much why I did it
  15. This is what you've done to me, ListApp
  16. I'm a shell of a human, working desperately to entertain perfect strangers
  17. A junkie for Likes and re-lists, which I crave as some sort of vital signal of self worth
  19. Uh...wow, this list took a dark turn
  20. Sorry about that folks
  21. Let's get back to the silly puns, ok?
  22. Here you go:
  23. Shampoo-ty and the Beast