Awful food I make my children as a stay at home Dad

I say awful, but oh boy do my two (Indigo, 4, Olive, 2) love it when they're presented with a cuisine de la papa specialty.
  1. Pizza Wraps
    Spread tomato purée on a tortilla, chick on some cheese, fold in two and pop into a hot frying pan with oil. Quicker to make than toast and loads more scrumptious. A firm favourite with both.
  2. Ready Bready
    Indigo should take credit for the name. Thinly slice a single slice of white bread into 8-10 fingers. Dip into a single beaten egg mix. Fry. Remove and sprinkle with sugar. Delish.
  3. Roly Poly
    More frying I'm afraid. Flatten a slice of bread, cover in cheese. Roll tightly. Fry. Mmmhmmm.
  4. Banana Porridge Milkshake
    200mm milk, 3 heaped tablespoons of porridge oats, 1 large banana. Blend. Pour into a bowl but don't heat. These two like it cold. I guess it's still healthy.