So I'm a public relations intern with the Buffalo Bisons (Toronto Blue Jays Triple-A minor league affiliate). I get asked here and there what duties and responsibilities I have. Welp, here is a list of things I've done since starting my first internship with a professional sports organization.
  1. Record statistics for the Bisons Big Board. These are also reported on the final game sheet.
  2. Live tweet the game on the Bisons official Twitter @BuffaloBisons.
  3. Edit the mobile app content
  4. Tend the Buffalo Baseball Hall of Fame room
  5. Collect game jerseys and get them autographed for later use
  6. Attend interviews (got to meet Mookie Wilson and Cecil Fielder)
  7. Create content for
  8. Run prizes to fans in the stands and obtain a photo with said prize
  9. Work a concession stand
    There was a school kids day that saw over 12,000 grade school children fill Coca-Cola Field. Now although concessions isn't a typical PR intern responsibility, they were short staffed and more than half the interns got reassigned to concession stands. I sold cotton candy, popcorn, and assorted boxed candies. It was actually pretty fun.
  10. Fill in a scoresheet
    I had no idea how to properly fill in a baseball scoresheet when I first started. I do now.
  11. Eat the free food, drink the free drinks, chew the free gum
    Because, why not?
  12. Attend front office meetings when called on
  13. Make music/sound suggestions to Paul (organist and sound guy).
    Not an official duty, but I do love giving my two cents.
  14. Provide (unofficial) game play-by-play to the dismay of the people around me.
    Ok, I'll be straight up. My goal in the long run is to do play-by-play professionally for a hockey team. I love broadcasting. I'm going into my 4th season of broadcasting with the UBuffalo men's hockey team. I do a mock broadcast at my internship for 3 reasons because I love it, to keep my chops up, and because I want to give baseball PbP a go. Unfortunately the guys around me get sick of it pretty quick even though I've been complimented on it on multiple occasions. They just give me shit :)
  15. Report visiting team starting pitcher stats to broadcasters Ben Wagner and Duke McGuire
    Not an official job, but I like doing that for them. I really get a buzz when they read some of my comments live on the radio!!
  16. Make mistakes
    I'm new to a lot of the press box ethics and business. I'm also new to the stats programs and live tweeting for a professional sports team. Mistakes happen. Some are worse than others. The key is to be sincere and genuine no matter what happens. Keep your head up high, and remember tomorrow's a new day. I'm still learning to not get so discouraged and keep pushing. It's tough because I just want to impress the heck out of my supervisor and make him proud to have me as his intern.
  17. Network
    Probably the most important and impactful thing I've done is network. This is why internships are priceless. I've met people from all factions of the Bisons operation. From concessions workers to executives, players to broadcasters, every person is just as important as the last. You can never meet too many people, never. You should never judge someone by their position, you never know who they might know or who they might be related to.