Father's Day is nearing its close here on the east coast. Here is a quick list of what my dad has taught me. It's by no means a full list, but here is what I remember right now. Love you, dad.
  1. How to ride a bike
  2. Use the bathroom
  3. Drink a beer
  4. How to drive a car (my mom too)
  5. Fill out a W-2
  6. Hold silverware properly
  7. Why BMWs are king
  8. Responsibility
  9. How to hold a job
  10. Conduct business
  11. WD40 and duck tape are all you need
  12. Public speakkng
  13. Negotiate a raise
  14. Conjure up a professional email
  15. Play nintendo
  16. My passion for music
  17. Tie a tie
  18. Travel
  19. Order at a restaurant
  20. Smoke a cigar
  21. And countless others I can't remember.